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I can honestly say that they are the best cleaning company I have dealt with so far in my life. Furthermore, they are overall one of the best companies I had the pleasure to deal with. Their cleaning services are top notch, they go far and beyond to make sure I actually fell the house was cleaned (compared to other companies that sometimes did more of a superficial job). They are reliable, responsible, on time, professional and they even painted my walls on an emergency call. Day or night, I had a problem, they were always there to help and I really felt that they cared for me as a customer.” - Mihnea Mirea.
staff members have always been dependable, consistent, efficient, personable, acted in a professional manner as well as adhereing to contract specifications. I have an exceptional working relationship with AceServices and if you would like a clean home or office I highly recommend them as your first choice every time.Furthermore, please do not hesitate to call, if you have additional questions regarding their services.” - Livia Chiriac
We have experienced excellent service and satisfaction with the cleaning capabilities provided by Ace Dot Service Limited and we are particularly pleased to have Mr. Claudiu Pomatariu and his team providing cleaning services to our residence. The team is very resilient, reliable and discrete and we have managed to build a strong relationship based on trust and respect.” - Cristian Constantinescu
The cleaners did a wonderful job. I have found them to be consistent with the cleaning and they ensure that they complete all the areas covered in our agreement. When we have had an occasion to see the cleaning team, they have been friendly and acted in a professional manner. They have been very helpful in assisting with getting the best service I can for the cleaning needs of my property.” - Constantin S Chetreanu